27 April 2006

my sister is very brave

she is following in brave cressida's footsteps; last week she packed up here stuff and moved to sunny california.
she wants to be an actress, and even though i make tons of fun of her and call her an aspiring waitress, i secretly think it was a brave thing to do.
she is living in LA all by herself without a job and no friends because she really believes that she can make it. she legally changed her name, bought a new car, gave away one of her cats, and drove, literally, across the country. she left her boyfriend and more importantly, our mom behind in the horse capital of the world.

i realize that a lot of us have moved away for school or a job but i don't know if i would be brave enough to just move for nothing but a chance. she did. and tomorrow will mark her one week anniversary into adulthood and possible stardom.

congratulations sis, and well done!!

12 April 2006

can bad luck be a disease?

and once you catch it can you ever get rid of it?

when i was 17 i hit this guy's car in the high school parking lot. i had a 1982 chrysler 5th Avenue. it was 1998. he had a brand new ford explorer.

when i was 18 i rear ended my boyfriend. my car was totaled. he made me buy him a new bumper even though it wasn't even scratched. we broke up.

when i was 20 i was rear ended in my volvo by a crazy lady in an SUV. she was talking on the phone. i was stopped at a crosswalk. my car was totaled. i was forced to buy a much crappier one.

three weeks ago a pedestrian in the little city walked out in front of a truck. the truck slammed on its brakes, another truck hit the first truck. i hit the second truck and my car front went underneath. my car was totaled. no damage to either truck. the pedestrian didn't even stop, she just headed into the museum like j-walking wasn't a crime.

this week my roommate let me borrow her car. today it was broken into via the passenger's side window. the idiot who did it reached in and opened the other doors, popped the trunk, threw everything onto the side walk and only stole the jumper cables.