23 July 2008

is it bad that i want to go just so i can make fun?

i was going to write a mean spirited post that pretty much bashed anyone who actually believes that "most dinosaurs were reasonably small-the size of a sheep or a pony" and could therefore ALL fit on the ark. then i realized i don't really need to to bash these people. the pictures make it pretty clear they are crazy.

16 July 2008

conservative is relative

i brought the black one piece. i will be wearing the "ladies swimming costume". i guess it could be worse. I could be wearing the Burqini.

14 July 2008

more tid bits

~ the donkey left. now there are two dogs and a goat. i think the chickens were eaten

~ butter here is really tasty but the tea is lipton which i don't understand

~ bananas are the size of a tall shot glass but very yummy

13 July 2008

random bits of info

~ today i had the best thai chicken soup. it seemed weird cause this isn't thailand

~ there is a donkey outside my window. two houses over there are chickens on the roof

~ five calls to prayer a day but the only ones i ever hear happen to be at midnight and 5 am