29 September 2005

something to do today

earlier this week i recieved an email that sucked.

From: Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel [mailto:jsekulow@aclj.org]
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 5:14 PM
Subject: Supreme Court: End Partial-Birth Abortion

mr sekulow is a bit extreme and makes some very exaggerated claims. here is one for you to consider. if you want to read more let me know and i will email you the entire text.
"At the same time, the opposition (including Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, National Abortion Federation, National Organization for Women, Center for Reproductive Rights, and others) can bring an astonishing amount of money to the case - because the massive profits of the multi-million-dollar abortion industry hang in the balance."
American Center for Law and Justice
P.O. Box 90555, Washington, D.C. 20090-0555
Phone: (800) 296-4529
i am really curious, as i am sure you are, to know when the abortion industry became a multi-million dollar idustry with "massive profits." i would also like to know how said "profits" benefit "the opposition" which are all non profit organizations. so far my questions have gone unanswered. i have called and emailed using the numbers listed here but, i get no response. maybe today, if we all call and email we will get a response.

28 September 2005

Question for Betty

Real telephone calls to "Betty Crocker":

Hello, Betty?
I just found a Betty Crocker Angel Food cake mix in our civil defense bomb shelter. It must be over 20 years old. Is it okay to use?
~telephone call from Arizona, 1990

Hello, Betty?
On your advice, I went ahead and made the Angel Food cake mix that we found in our bomb shelter. It rose just beautifully. You were right. It worked after all these years because it was stored in a cool, dry place.
~callback from Arizona

26 September 2005

Caprice Travels: Nuclear National Parks

who is up for a weekend camping trip? a cookout, roasted marshmellows, campfire stories and a little radiation. it's not laguna beach but hey.

25 September 2005

21 September 2005

how does this crap happen to me?

today i received a large envelope via fed ex. it contained a letter saying that i had been automatically entered into a lottery and that i won. $94,000 actually. and there was a check. for nearly 5k.

i traked the package and it was real. i called the bank and it was real. i googled the lottery company and there is nothing. i called the lottery company's US number and they transfered me to the UK branch which is only open during central eurpean hours. handy huh?

how did this place get my name, how did they get my unlisted address, and what are they trying to get from me? the whole thing is very annoying. and i am not even a real lottery winner. damn.

i guess you have to play to win. :P

call me old fashioned but sexed up six year olds are not a good thing

Why are six year olds dressed in high heeled shoes and bra tops? Why do six year olds have on make-up? Why is there a bikini diet book made “especially for teens”? Why is there a book about middle-schoolers having blow job parties? Perhaps the better is question is why do parents buy these things? And why do they complain about the consequences?

In a country that is overrun with “girls gone wild” surly we should not be promoting promiscuity in six year olds? Why do six year olds need to be sexed up anyway? Britany Spears in not a good enough reason. When I was six I liked Michael Jackson and Madonna. That did not mean my parents bought be a pointy bustier and let me grab my crotch in public. It meant they bought me a record and I watched some videos on MTV when they weren’t paying attention. Then they would talk to me about how Madonna wasn’t a role model and show me stuff about Mary Lou Reton.

Today, people are dressing their children like miniature Pamela Andersons and then putting them into parochial schools that teach “abstinence only.” At six, a child can wear knee highs and fishnets, kiss boys, and talk about her boyfriend. But at 16 she can’t have access to condoms and doesn’t know the basics for protecting herself. Something is very wrong with this picture. Sexpot six year olds do not turn into sexless sixteen year olds. Who thought that was going to work?

Planned Parenthood pledges

If you want to stop the disgruntled pro-lifers from hanging out in front of Planned Parenthood click here. I believe this plan, regardless of your opinion on Planned Parenthood, can only be described as brilliant.

19 September 2005

sore throat and cough relief

oh holy jesus. this medicine is like crack. my throat is still sore and i still have a cough. but i can't feel my fingers, my lips are tingly and my ideas are a mile a minute. must be the drugs.

16 September 2005

California Pizza Kitchen

I ate at California Pizza Kitchen last night. After I had one piece of pizza we saw a big ass black bug right next to our table. It was really gross and super sized. Anyway, this guy came over and swept it up in one of those really yucky non electric sweepers and took the entire thing back to the kitchen. I hope it was a male otherwise the actual kitchen at CPK is going to filled with real bugs that are super gross.

So now I have a dilema. There is a whole pizza minus one piece in my fridge. Every time I think about it I see
bugs. So my question is do you think I should suck it up and eat it or just throw it away?

15 September 2005

joyeux anniversaire

my friend cressida
is looking for birthday sex
wish her luck friday

14 September 2005

philly toilets

odd philly toilets
two in one stall with no wall
or one on a bike

DC Trolley Extravaganza!

I know you are shocked
but it's true; we found trolley
he missed us a lot

R.R., Esquire

So, we went out last Saturday night
Educational to say the least
Quirky lawyer, late 70s sits down next to me
Unique white suit, red bandana and hat
Oops, I caught his eye, he leaned over
Introduced himself; wants to sue the Prez
And Poppy, the Silver Fox and Slick Willie


12 September 2005


that damn word hurts my feelings
reality bites

07 September 2005

word verification

anon, your're annoying
your posts are lame and boring
no more spam from you!

06 September 2005

trolley takes a trip

made a trolley sign
real one went missing from yard
sign was funny though

05 September 2005


Katrina has destroyed so much
And it makes me feel horrible that we can do so little;
That I have no way to help the survivors.
Red Cross is taking donations and
I hope that you will click on KATRINA and give.
Now that the water is receding I fear people will forget
All the suffering and loss that will take years to rebuild.