26 July 2012


facebook was making me crazy.  i was stalking my bf.  fighting with him over every comment, every girl, every picture he didn't post.  it was nuts.  i deactivated my account.  I AM STILL NUTS.  every day i pick up my phone to go on fb,  forgetting that i am off.  and twice now it has come up my bf's account.  do you know how much self control it takes to walk away?  a lot.  a heck of a lot.  so i gave it up a week ago but have still managed to look at it every day.  i am aiming for two weeks and IT STILL HASN'T started.  sigh.

01 May 2012


is it easy to give trust to people who have never hurt you?  how easy is it to give to people who have hurt you?  do you keep giving it?  does it have to be earned back? does that mean that if you maintain a relationship with some who has broken your trust that you have loaned them trust? how do they ever repay it?   should they have to? does it actually have nothing to do with the other person and everything to do with myself?  should i trust my emotions or my brain? should i expect less? or more? or nothing?