25 November 2009

Blue Hawaii

With two random peeps obstructing the view.

29 October 2009


driving in this city is making me nuts.  i am starting a new blog  and on that blog i am going to post the license plate numbers and possibly photos of every bad drive i come across in a day.  actually maybe not every one.  that would require that i quit my job in order to blog.  but a lot of them. check it out here.

27 October 2009

25 October 2009

The Sunny Side of Swine Flu

Rachel's Goma Web Log: The Sunny Side of Swine Flu

the swine flu really sucked. but it is true we hung out and wore fantastic designer swine flu masks.  i will miss you. Rwanda and Ethiopia are only 1000-1500 for flights!!

24 October 2009

23 October 2009

This may be more addicting the second time around

My first blog was in 2005. The little "archive" on the side bar tells
me posted 142 times that year. The next year slipped to 34 and
progressivly less each year since. I clearly loved it that first year
but it got hard to make time. I just learned that I can post via text
and email on my iPhone. This is fantastic. 2010 if not 2009 will be
a 150 post year.

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22 October 2009

fight or flight

so our bodies naturally go into fight/flight when there is danger or high stress. i recently heard that some of us actually live in a constant state of fight/flight and that we have physiological reactions because of this. for example, we stop using our full lung capacity to breath. as infants we breath deeply into our bellies and exhale fully using much more lung capacity. once we begin to experience the stress of life and fight/flight kicks in we eventually stop breathing fully and only use the top portion of our lungs. as we get older this becomes normal and we don't even remember how to do the full belly breathing. as a result toxins can sit in the bottom of our lungs because they are never worked.

what are the mental effects of being locked in fight/flight? if you spend your youth in a negative home environment or being bullied your physical and mental state must adapt to protect you. how do you break free? I can teach myself the deep belly breathing and release the toxins from my lungs. but how do i teach myself to get out of my own head? how do you release the toxins of your past?

01 April 2009

overheard in a coffee shop

blond girl: i was thinking about those students. you know the ones from that really peaceful place in asia.

guy who wants to sleep with her: oh yeah? i am not sure which one you mean.

girl: thailand? no maybe cambodia? hmmm. i can't think of it.

guy: what is there?

girl: really peaceful people and they like use rocks for chalkboards.

guy: maybe you will think of it soon.

girl: yeah. i just can't remember. maybe indonesia? or china? i mean i think the dali lama or some guy who is peaceful is there... TIBET!! it must be Tibet. You know and they are super poor and love peace but the Chinese hate them.

guy: oh yes. Tibet.

girl: i was thinking about them and their rock chalkboards and then i was thinking about anna in her dorm room. what a difference it is for them when anna is always like "oh my god i wonder what i am going to wear tonight."

guy: yes, what a difference.

girl: i mean can you imagine like she went to private school and had all this help to get into private college and all i can think is they like had rocks for chalkboards.

guy: yes very interesting

27 March 2009

the joys of urban living

today i was a casualty of police pepper spray (i was not the intended target i just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time). of the many joys of urban living, this one comes highly recommended. not only does pepper spray burn like crazy, it also makes you feel blind for about 30 seconds and activates all the mucousy parts of your face. what this means is that while you are attempting to rip your eyes out, your skin is burning, snot and tears are pouring out of your eyes and nose and you are damn near hyperventilating because you don't know how to make it stop. and in my case it is all happening on the metro platform where being blind is a major disadvantage.

luckily i had a water bottle and i dumped water all over my face, not really cause i thought the burning would stop but because i had more snot on my face than a pre-school has on its walls. it was horrible. my eyes were red for about 45 minutes and they burned for about 4 hours. now i only have a headache. but boy am i excited for my next metro ride.

26 February 2009

Last House on the Left

I was just visually assaulted by a preview for a movie titled Last House on the Left. The preview was so horrifying that I went straight to the internet and looked it up. I read all about the 1972 version and how the 2009 version is a remake. I am struggling to understand why this movie was made once let alone twice!!