30 June 2006

bye bye tims

ltims whims formally departed from the blog world today. my understanding is that the blog is gone forever (no more haikus) but that she will remain a blog lurker for some time.

an haiku for tims
parting is such sweet sorrow
maybe try my space?

28 June 2006

weekend ramblings II

dear caveman, why don't you attack me, my friends, and my blog. again.

on friday i had this "beertail" called a skip and go naked. it was beer, gin, lemon juice, and grenadine. i didn't skip or go naked but it was still good.

it started raining on saturday and it didn't stop until wed. it flooded the street and houses and the metro. have you ever heard of the metro flooding before? i have to admit i am slightly more concerned about flooding metros than what the terror alert level is.

voluptuously is a word. be honest, how many people knew that? and those that say they did, i would like to hear that in a sentence.

I DON'T WANT FRANCE TO WIN!!!!!!!! and italy robbed australia. well actually the ref robbed australia. what is the deal with that? did anyone else think that becks looked old? posh should really take him to whoever does her botox.

18 June 2006

weekend ramblings

how is acceptable that someone who has been suspended for cheating would have the opportunity to ref again? the usa vs italy game was today. the ref was awful. he was not allowed to ref in the last world cup. hmmm.

why is the right thing so hard to do? why do emotions cloud things? how do you stop that from happening? i am reading cs lewis right now. he is talking about need love versus gift love. i guess need love gets in the way. we are only thinking about what we need in that moment and never about what we could give or what is being given to us.

why are families so dysfunctional? why is it so much easier to deal with your own family dysfunction? wouldn't life, and especially relationships, be easier if you never had to deal with anyone's family? that saying-when you marry the person, you marry the family-that sucks. and i think it is a lie. or at least everyone should work extra hard to make it false.

do you think that there is life in space? i watched this movie that said that life at the really scary black part of the ocean is probably how life on europa is. europa is a moon. who knew? i kind of hope it is not true since the "life" they showed us was billions, and i really mean billions, of really disgusting looking shrimp that could live in toxic ocean gas that was 750 degrees fahrenheit. yuck. that is more primal than roaches. no thanks.

06 June 2006

places i have been

are in red. places i need to go are in white

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self portrait

here it is. part of the self i have been trying to find. i am still not sure exactly who i am or what i want but i think i am on the right path. eventually i will know. i wonder if it will be a flash of understanding, like when some bizarre philosophy that you have been struggling with suddenly comes clear. or will it be an awakening, like when you fall into happiness or contentment. either way i am excited that i have at least found the path.