21 September 2006

keeping up

why is it that the older we get, the more we need our friends, and the harder it is to keep up with them.
it doesn't make sense. we have email, and cellphone and regular phone, and chat, and im, and text message and blog and whatever else. but the more i chat and talk and text the farther away i feel.
maybe it is time to write some letters.

06 September 2006

food in japan

ok, so i am naturally a picky eater. i don't like my food to touch and i eat one thing at a time. but i travel a lot and i am willing to try most things. once. but dear god some of the stuff in japan was a stretch. my gag reflex kicked in before i even put it in my mouth.

for example: fish worms (small pink things that look like worms with eyes but everyone insists are fish)

green jello with fish in it.

lobster mousse

why is the question i keep asking. no longer do i ask what i am eating. i am now concerned with question why is anyone eating it. at one point i was offered a plate which contained what appeared to be a fish. in actuality it was only fish skin and bones. all the meat was removed and then the skin and bones were fried, intact, and served with the eyes. think of it as a cross between beef jerky and fried pig skin (neither of which i eat).

i should say that the beef was really good and i ate that whenever i could. i even ate tongue which had a pretty good flavor but was kind of tough. but on the whole i was starving. thank god there is a 7/11 in tokyo.

01 September 2006

japan II

there was an earthquake
it was small but it was cool
the whole city shook