27 March 2009

the joys of urban living

today i was a casualty of police pepper spray (i was not the intended target i just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time). of the many joys of urban living, this one comes highly recommended. not only does pepper spray burn like crazy, it also makes you feel blind for about 30 seconds and activates all the mucousy parts of your face. what this means is that while you are attempting to rip your eyes out, your skin is burning, snot and tears are pouring out of your eyes and nose and you are damn near hyperventilating because you don't know how to make it stop. and in my case it is all happening on the metro platform where being blind is a major disadvantage.

luckily i had a water bottle and i dumped water all over my face, not really cause i thought the burning would stop but because i had more snot on my face than a pre-school has on its walls. it was horrible. my eyes were red for about 45 minutes and they burned for about 4 hours. now i only have a headache. but boy am i excited for my next metro ride.