18 May 2007

things i heard at work today

once i kicked a head off a pigeon.

my first word was shit.

when chuck norris gives you the finger he is telling you how many seconds you have left to live.

19 April 2007

I'm Back

It may be sporadic but I promise to blog at least once a month starting today.
And I will update the blog links. And I will respond to comments. Promise.
Talk to you soon!

06 February 2007

welcome to winter

we have no heat at my part time job.
this sucks as it is 20 F outside and the wind makes it feel like 2 F.
so it is 38 F inside.
my fingers are blue.
my boss got us a propane heater.
she said she was terrified of it.
then she caught her $500 sweater on fire.
we were all terrified.

the boss said "there is cause for terror. but there is no other option."

11 January 2007

customer service at the DC DMV. NOT!

i know that you all already know that there is no such thing as customer service in DC and that the place where you get the least is the DMV. i know that i should just let it roll off my back, that it shouldn't upset me, or even be so important that I blog about it.

too late.

why have a "customer service hotline" if you refuse to provide customer service? really, this is not a rhetorical question Mayor Fenty, can you please explain to me why we are paying people to answer phone calls if the only response they know to give is "i don't know the answer speak to Ms. Spellman?" i would also like to know, how is one to speak to Ms. Spellman when she is never there and her voicemail is full so no messages can be left?

i can't imagine that i am the only person to experience this nonsense. in fact i bet the 5 people who called before me experienced close to the exact same thing. i suspect this because i called at 3:38 pm and it happened, again at 3:45 pm and it happened and finally at 3:54 pm. thank god i had learned my lesson by the third call and knew to say immediately "I DO NOT WANT TO SPEAK TO MS. SPELLMAN. HER VOICEMAIL IS FULL AND I CANNOT GET THROUGH. PLEASE!!! I JUST HAVE ONE QUESTION AND I HAVE CALLED THREE TIMES CAN YOU JUST FIND THE ANSWER?!!!

If you have not experienced the joy of calling the DC DMV i don't suggest you ever try. however, if you don't believe how truly awful it is and need proof that not only do people in in DC pay exorbitant taxes but to boot, they barely have any services to show for those taxes then give it a try. 202-727-5000. it will not matter which service line you pick, go for any of them. you have a 2 out of 3 chance of being yelled at by an angry "customer service" woman. it is really enough to make you move to maryland. Welcome to the Capital.