01 April 2009

overheard in a coffee shop

blond girl: i was thinking about those students. you know the ones from that really peaceful place in asia.

guy who wants to sleep with her: oh yeah? i am not sure which one you mean.

girl: thailand? no maybe cambodia? hmmm. i can't think of it.

guy: what is there?

girl: really peaceful people and they like use rocks for chalkboards.

guy: maybe you will think of it soon.

girl: yeah. i just can't remember. maybe indonesia? or china? i mean i think the dali lama or some guy who is peaceful is there... TIBET!! it must be Tibet. You know and they are super poor and love peace but the Chinese hate them.

guy: oh yes. Tibet.

girl: i was thinking about them and their rock chalkboards and then i was thinking about anna in her dorm room. what a difference it is for them when anna is always like "oh my god i wonder what i am going to wear tonight."

guy: yes, what a difference.

girl: i mean can you imagine like she went to private school and had all this help to get into private college and all i can think is they like had rocks for chalkboards.

guy: yes very interesting

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Ray-Ray said...

Write about Germany!!!