01 May 2012


is it easy to give trust to people who have never hurt you?  how easy is it to give to people who have hurt you?  do you keep giving it?  does it have to be earned back? does that mean that if you maintain a relationship with some who has broken your trust that you have loaned them trust? how do they ever repay it?   should they have to? does it actually have nothing to do with the other person and everything to do with myself?  should i trust my emotions or my brain? should i expect less? or more? or nothing?


Cressy said...

yes, it's all about you... your trust is yours alone. if someone abuses it, that is their karma. how you treat them after that, is yours. if they want your trust back, it's up to you. when they start affecting how you feel about your life, your soul, your ability to love, then you tell them that it's gone too far.

and of course you trust someone who has never hurt you.. that's the beauty of love/trust!

SouthOzBloke said...

If someone betrays your trust you've got two options.
If they aren't a good friend then you don't have to have much to do with them anymore.
If it is a good friend then you,
1) Let them know they betrayed your trust.
2) Forgive them but keep in mind the betrayal and don't put them in that place again until they've earned your trust back.