30 June 2006

bye bye tims

ltims whims formally departed from the blog world today. my understanding is that the blog is gone forever (no more haikus) but that she will remain a blog lurker for some time.

an haiku for tims
parting is such sweet sorrow
maybe try my space?


Ray said...

Bye, Timmy, goodbye!
Come comment often, okay?
We will see you soon!

houseofpain said...

for a lesson in unbelievably scary blog comments (this educated me -- it can get so much worse!!!)

read this.

Ray said...

holy CRAP.

Yeah, I couldn't even get through a third of those comments, they got insanely frightening.

(although, when you read the original story, the woman is lying through her teeth.) (but that just makes them idiots for responding to it at all.)

but that is unbelievably scary -- just insane, cruel violence with words.

caprice said...

people are so weird.