28 June 2006

weekend ramblings II

dear caveman, why don't you attack me, my friends, and my blog. again.

on friday i had this "beertail" called a skip and go naked. it was beer, gin, lemon juice, and grenadine. i didn't skip or go naked but it was still good.

it started raining on saturday and it didn't stop until wed. it flooded the street and houses and the metro. have you ever heard of the metro flooding before? i have to admit i am slightly more concerned about flooding metros than what the terror alert level is.

voluptuously is a word. be honest, how many people knew that? and those that say they did, i would like to hear that in a sentence.

I DON'T WANT FRANCE TO WIN!!!!!!!! and italy robbed australia. well actually the ref robbed australia. what is the deal with that? did anyone else think that becks looked old? posh should really take him to whoever does her botox.


houseofpain said...

caveman where you at??

Ray said...

timmy!!! i'm VOLUPTUOUSLY slapping you a high five!

my word verification is yeyhowho

yey! How, ho?

yey! Ho! Who?

I said...

He'd always been fascinated by pre-archaic Greece, in particular by the depictions of bull leaping on the frescoes and by the volutpuously curved statuettes of the mother goddess.

A particoloured flock of birds wheeled and whirled voluptuously across Ray's avatar.

Moral of France v Spain: Don't refer to another team's black superstar with a racist term when you think no one's listening, because someday you just might have to face them in the World Cup second round.

Other moral of France v Spain: If you do refer to another team's superstar with a racist term and subsequently get caught out, at least be man enough to apologise for it, because someday you just might have to face them in the World Cup second round.

I reckon we'll find out the truth about England against Portugal--either they'll be able to start peaking now that they're finally facing opposition who can play football at close to their level, and rise to the occasion, or else they'll be as drab and workmanlike as they've been in their last four games, in which case I reckon the World Cup will see its first semi-final where every player speaks Portuguese as his native language.

Eriksson's one major failing as England manager has been how, on the big occasion, he totally seizes up as soon as England take the lead, and has them just sit back and defend their one-goal margin, no matter how long is left in the match, rather than trying to put the game away in the second goal. It's how we've ended up getting eliminated in both the major tournaments he's been to, despite the fact that on both occasions--against Brazil in the 2002 quarterfinals and Portugal in the Euro2004 semi-finals--we were the better side and should have been the team to progress after taking the lead. His trouble so far in Germany has been that, in every game except Sweden, he's now got the team sitting back and defending even before they've scored the opening goal.

England have so far demonstrated an efficient and effective defense, not conceding a goal against three of the four sides they've played so far. Now they just need to inject some creativity into the midfield and flair and adventure into their attack--to persuade their front five to play voluptuously, if you will.

CAVEMAN said...

its good to know i've been missed.

i'm here, not going anywhere... making my observations.

you may here that as me gathering bullets and loading a gun... since i am about the business of attacking and all.
i smell fear...but it isnt of me.

Mark said...

You can smell fear, but you can't spell 'hear'...

CAVEMAN said...

oh mark. is that all you got?
come on buddy... stick to it... you can do better than that.... come on..... come on..... thata boy.... thata gooooodddd boy....

Mark said...

Obviously I've struck a chord...

Anonymous said...

Sounded like G-Minor from hear ...

jkdbva said...

Someone screwed you - a "Skip and go Naked" should be:
frozen pink lemonade
and ice - all blended in the blender
No grenadine and no gin - ewww.