21 September 2005

call me old fashioned but sexed up six year olds are not a good thing

Why are six year olds dressed in high heeled shoes and bra tops? Why do six year olds have on make-up? Why is there a bikini diet book made “especially for teens”? Why is there a book about middle-schoolers having blow job parties? Perhaps the better is question is why do parents buy these things? And why do they complain about the consequences?

In a country that is overrun with “girls gone wild” surly we should not be promoting promiscuity in six year olds? Why do six year olds need to be sexed up anyway? Britany Spears in not a good enough reason. When I was six I liked Michael Jackson and Madonna. That did not mean my parents bought be a pointy bustier and let me grab my crotch in public. It meant they bought me a record and I watched some videos on MTV when they weren’t paying attention. Then they would talk to me about how Madonna wasn’t a role model and show me stuff about Mary Lou Reton.

Today, people are dressing their children like miniature Pamela Andersons and then putting them into parochial schools that teach “abstinence only.” At six, a child can wear knee highs and fishnets, kiss boys, and talk about her boyfriend. But at 16 she can’t have access to condoms and doesn’t know the basics for protecting herself. Something is very wrong with this picture. Sexpot six year olds do not turn into sexless sixteen year olds. Who thought that was going to work?


TinaPoPo said...

Ditto! I work in a pediatric office, and I'm amazed at how these young girls dress! And act! Too many of them are obnoxious and spoiled and brazen beyond their years.

Anonymous said...

young and sexy? please.
what's next? porn coloring books?
arrest parents now.

Anonymous said...

ungrateful young brats
we'll let you work for Nike
trade with young Asians.

Anonymous said...

mexico city
people people everywhere
please don't kidnap me.

Anonymous said...

young and sexy? what?
my children will be Amish
until age thirty.

aoife said...

really there are? maybe i just live in la la land but i havent really noticed a preponderance of sexed up six olds. ugh that sounds so gross i mean do the parents not worry about paedophiles?

Cressida said...

i'm a sexless 26 year old. I wish my mother had dressed me more provactively. damn her.

Cressida said...

i like the mexico city haiku. lol.

Cressida said...

i had a strange complex in that I wanted to dress like mighty mouse because that's what i was watching at the time. i think mom hid me until i got over that phase and would put my Harrods clothes back on.