07 March 2006

farewell my friend

flavia, you rock
i don’t even like coffee
but you made it good

I am starting a new job. I will not have an office to myself, there will be no windows, and perhaps the saddest part… there will be no Flavia. This is my third and last post dedicated to the wonder of the Flavia which, as you guys know, gives me a great deal of joy; a beverage machine with endless possibilities that cleans itself and is free. Besides providing me a constant flow of warm beverages, the Flavia is also where I go for office gossip, camaraderie, and chit-chat. I am sad to leave the warm embrace of hot chocolate, coffee, and tea.


Ray said...

yay! a blog post! yay!
i have missed your blog postings!
haikus are so fun.

i am at Joe Muggs PRO-CRAS-TIN-A-TING it is soooooooo bad. i. need. to. work. work. work.

joe muggs' coffee is okay. but i bet flavia's is better.

aoife said...

personally im more upset over the windows. went out to howth on sunday-thought of you and here ya are posting. yeay!
another option-set up your own 'flavia'-esque time area in new place. id never get any work done if i had ya to talk to