19 July 2005

Baaaad Sheep

Crafty sheep
Hungry sheep on the Yorkshire moors taught themselves to roll 8ft across hoof-proof metal cattle grids - and raid villagers' valley gardens. The crafty animals have also perfected the skill of hurdling 5ft fences and squeezing through 8in gaps.
They have destroyed several gardens and even graze on the village park, bowling green, cricket field and graveyard.
The grids were installed 10 years ago after a gardener in Marsden, near Huddersfield, held stray sheep hostage. (does anyone else find this alarming?)
Dorothy Lindley said: "They lie down on their side, or sometimes their back, and just roll over and over the grids until they are clear. I've seen them doing it. It is quite clever but they are a big nuisance to villagers."
"Sheep are quite intelligent creatures(who knew?) and have more brainpower than people are willing to give them credit for," National Sheep Association spokespeople claim.

Responses to the sheep include:
"They eat plants, flowers and vegetables in gardens.
"It is soul destroying. (Wow, you may need some help)
"When you try to move them on they look at you as if to say it is their patch and you are not right in the head.
( You may not be)
"You can shout at them and even if they see a dog they are not frightened.
"Several drivers have had to swerve to avoid hitting the animals and damaged their cars or been given a terrible shock.
"What we really need is more fencing to stop them. But they would probably find another way out before long.
"They must find more tastier morsels down here."


houseofpain said...

i thought you said no more posts about sheep!!!!

caprice said...

i said last post about sheep for awhile and that was a few days ago!
besides, the world needs to know about the "soul destroying" sheep that plague the british.

Cressida said...

sheep are tasty morsels when they are barbequed.