29 July 2005

Again, I am speechless

A blind man in Tallahassee, Florida has been having sex with his guide dog. Alan Yoder, 29, has been is charged with a "breach of the peace, by engaging in sexual activity with a guide dog," as Florida laws don't prohibit bestiality. He was found out when he asked a female friend to join him in a threesome with his dog. She prudishly refused, and instead told a friend who called the police.


Cressida said...

THAT is super f#!@ing cool.

Did you not hear about the two convicts in our very own home of KY that tried to escape via garbage truck, but ended up getting squished to death?

caprice said...

no, but that should be a Darwin Award.

Cressida said...

Exactly HOW does having sex with a dog breach any peace besides that of the dogs?