08 July 2005


this is a tragedy. i can't believe this happened again. was dr. t right, is the world as susceptible as it seems? i only pray that god opens up our minds and hearts.

We are both safe, as is my brother and all those I know. The city is in chaos, sirens everywhere tube and buses shut.

it's been a horrible day, but I'm fine and so are all of my friends.

I am fine. As far as I know everybody I know is fine as well. There was ah huge line in front of the internet cafe yesterday, so sorry I am only writing now. London is still dealing with a huge travel chaos.

I'm fine, I was at home asleep when everything happened.

I'm fine. Thinking of getting a car though. I walked to work, which was very pleasant, and have spent most of the day dealing with terrorist atrocity-related queries from students (how long before the bar re-opens? etc).

I had a bit of a very near miss yesterday, which freaked me out when I saw on the news last night how close a near miss with regards to timings etc. The train Richard and I got on yesterday, at Putney, was a city train and so because we managed to get seats we uncharacteristically decided to sit through to Victoria and change onto the Victoria tube line. Richard left the train at Green Park and I continued up to KX. As I arrived in the station, the alarms were going and we were immediately evacuated from the station being told it was a power failure. By the time I reached ground level, the station was closed. I was in college before 9am and had arrived in the station when it'd just happened. If I had taken the Piccadilly line, I'm not convinced I would have made it to college quite so promptly.

I am ok, Rama is ok but I can't get in touch with one of my friends who works right by one of the stations that was bombed so a bit worried.

Yes I'm fine thanks. Tim is in NY so he's good too. Most interns accounted for but there are police and the army everywhere. It's really frightening - I don't know how I'm going to get home tonight.

Upset, of course, but if this doesn't sound terribly selfish thankful nonetheless that all my friends are ok and one of them in fact works about 30 seconds from one of the buses exploded (about 10 minutes walk from here too) and so ok, really. My nerves are hanging in there... I just feel sadness more than anything I think, right now. I'm walking home in a minute, which'll be strange.

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Cressida said...

Thank you Clare, Raj, Mark, Sadie, Dimple, Laura, Kristen for letting me know you and your friends/families were okay so quickly! I miss you all! Give my love to London.