13 July 2005

Last post about sheep

For awhile at least.

RENT-A-SHEEP SERVICE LAUNCHED IN BERLIN(Ananova) - A businessman in Berlin has launched a rent-a-sheep service for city dwellers to get a taste of the country. Sheep owner Martin Portmann says his animals have already appeared at children's parties. Other customers are hiring the sheep to keep their lawns tidy by eating the grass. Several other clients are hiring the sheep to keep them company while they go for walks. Portmann told the paper, "The price is negotiable. Some people bring a sack of animal feed, some give money but the main thing is they enjoy being with the animals."

Ok, all I am going to say is WHY?


Cressida said...

What happens if you rent it and then barbeque it??

caprice said...

i guess you have to pay a fine? Do you think that it is legal? To rent sheep I mean?

houseofpain said...

if you rent and then barbeque surely you don't get your deposit back.