07 July 2005


Why do these things happen? How do people ever deal with the trauma of 9/11, Madrid and London? What was going on that at least 4 bombs were never detected? How did the bombs get there? Why weren't the trains evacuated after the very first explosion? If there wasn't a suicide bomber on that bus, why didn't anyone notice an unattended package? What are we doing? How did the world end up like this? What will I tell my kids about September 11, 2001 or March 11,2004 or July 7, 2005? Are we destined to have more days like this? How do we stop it? Is anything we do going to be giving in to terror? What are the answers?!!

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aoife said...

why? did you see the interview with the sheik or shiek god i cant spell, who declared that islam was superior to all and that life in england should follow shariah law, who predicted another attack, the day there was another?