01 August 2005

Middle Management? That sounds great!

So, I am officially in my quarter life and while I am not HAVING a crisis, it certainly seems to be filled with crisis. I was laid off from my job. Boss says it is about money but I think it is personal. I work in this super scary office in DC. Some things I have heard:

“The bombings in London happened because we didn’t kill enough of those people.”
Who are “those” people?

“We run this office like Jesus and the Disciples.”
What the hell does that mean?

“The Washington Post is a communist rag!”
Who knew?

Anyway, so now I have to find a new job and I a little skittish. I mean what if I get hired at another office like this? But even worse, what if I don’t get hired at all? I am terrified that I will be unemployed at 25 with enough school debt to pay for a house. Well, a small house that is not in DC but you get the point; loads of debt. Apparently my office mates do not feel like I will be hired by anyone either. They have pulled up all the unemployment forms I have to fill out upon termination. I have just learned that if you are willing to stand in line, the government will pay you 60 percent of your original salary.

You know that monster.com commercial where the kids say things like, “when I grow up I want to work my way to middle management” or “I want to be a brown-noser?” You think it is hilarious when you watch but then you find yourself in a situation like this and you think, “hell yes, I will work in middle management! Heck, I will work in the Middle East if it will pay the bills and keep the debt from piling higher.”

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