09 August 2005

911, do you have an emergency? Well to bad!!

I called 911 last night.
A friend called me as she was walking home around 9:45PM.
Some weirdo jumped out of a bush and wouldn’t leave her alone.
I put Amy on 3-way and called 911. She told the dispatcher the problem and the dispatcher responded with “You called Arlington County, she is in Fairfax County. We can’t help you.”
Then the dispatcher gave me a 9 digit number to call.
So I am glad I had a pen.


TinaPoPo said...

That's horrible!
Once I was driving to work and I saw a guy get jumped and pulled into a van (obviously against his will). I live in PA but was crossing into Jersey, so when the dispatcher finally answered, it was the New Jersey police station. They told me to call the 10 digit PA number. By that time, the guy and his assailants were God knows where.

caprice said...

that is really really bad. i am surprised by the police but not the jersey part. i have quite a story about jersey that i will one day blog.

Cressida said...

holy shit. that's really freaky. And it's even more freaky that you're told to hang up and dial another number!

caprice said...

thank god for pens. make sure you always have one!

houseofpain said...

That is why you should always call 911 from a landline phone (if possible). Landlines can be GPS-traced so even if you can't speak, the dispatcher can trace the call and knows where you are. Cell phones on the other hand are supposed to have universal 911 (meaningk, if you dialed 911 on your cell, your call would be GPS-traced and automatically be routed to the correct local dispatcher for you) by 2006--in just a few months!--but cell phone companies hate that law (that passed a couple years ago) and every company has filed for an extension until 2007, 2008, or even later.

I read a really sad newspaper story last year about a woman whose car ran off the road and it went underwater and she called 911 from her cell to get help. But she didn't know her exact location, just kinda that she was within a 10-mile stretch or so of highway. Without universal 911 on cell phones, they couldn't trace her call fast enough. She stayed on the phone with the dispatcher for over 45 MINUTES as her car slowly filled with water and she eventually drowned--all while on the phone with them while they tried to trace her call. This story made me a crusader for this very problem!!! We need universal 911!

caprice said...

well actually, the fact that we had gps cell phone is what made this happen. my cell phone is still KY based so my gps connected me to arlington since that's where i live and where i was phisically standing. but amy was standing in fairfax so she would have had to call from her cell phone to get fairfax police. so the reality is that the gps only made it more difficult.