30 August 2005

Off your trolley

trolley, with an E
rolled to lucy's house, filled up
with stuff from the grass


Cressida said...

rachelegs: i am excited to put the trolley in lucy's yard
StMaryan: LOL
StMaryan: poor goose
rachelegs: i haikued it
StMaryan: what is she gonna do with it?
StMaryan: LOL
StMaryan: ohgod
rachelegs: roll it back to your house
rachelegs: which will make it even funnier
StMaryan: maybe we should take it to rite aid after
rachelegs: or not
rachelegs: i mean
rachelegs: you never know
rachelegs: when we will use it!!
StMaryan: lol
StMaryan: ya. i should take it to san fran with me
StMaryan: i might need it one da y
rachelegs: i mean
rachelegs: you may need to live out of it one day
StMaryan: lol. that is very true
StMaryan: didn't think about that
StMaryan: good foresight.
rachelegs: and it would be better to be homeless with a cart then without
StMaryan: ya
rachelegs: it will keep you stuff off the groud
rachelegs: ground
StMaryan: cos, only cool homeless people have trolleys
rachelegs: right
StMaryan: i can probably sleep in it too
rachelegs: yeah
rachelegs: which means you will be warmer
StMaryan: but in San Fran it might roll down a hill
StMaryan: into the bay. and i would drown
StMaryan: drowning would suck.
rachelegs: well you may have to rig the wheels
rachelegs: so that you don't roll into the water
StMaryan: yeah. or tie it to something
StMaryan: like a car.
rachelegs: yeah
StMaryan: or a tree
StMaryan: or another trolley. us bums could form a trolley line
rachelegs: and maybe if it is a car you could be pulled like in napolean dynamite
StMaryan: hopefully
rachelegs: yeah
StMaryan: yeah.
rachelegs: sounds fun
StMaryan: i am blogging this shit.
rachelegs: ok

Cressida said...

that was an awesome haiku!!

aoife said...

ok so you pushed the trolly to lucy's house? where was the camera seriously?

caprice said...

noy yet. we are doing it this weekend. we will have pictures, don't worry!!!