05 August 2005

Is it legal to solicit donations for yourself?

I read a book called “Save Karyn” about a girl who created a website and asked strangers for money. She had loads of debt and needed help and people gave it to her. She paid off an incredible sum, like $30,000 or something from donations.

Today I discovered that I have $4.00 until next Friday. Then I have 2 ½ weeks until I am unemployed. At this point, I too am considering asking people I don’t know for money. I wonder what the tax issues are with that. Do solicited donations count as gifts or do you have to list them as taxable income? It’s not like I would be going out to buy 100$ jean jackets but still, technically it would be for profit.

Anyway, I am looking for a clever way to ask strangers for money. So give me your thoughts.


caprice said...

StMaryan: Just do one for school debt
StMaryan: post your school bill or something
rachelegs: that isn't interesting
rachelegs: everyone has one of those
StMaryan: jeez!!!!
rachelegs: ?
StMaryan: I DON"T KNOW
rachelegs: FINE
StMaryan: i've never seen anyones school bill on the internet
StMaryan: capitalist sheep
rachelegs: FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rachelegs: communist cat
StMaryan: lol
StMaryan: DORK
StMaryan: begger!
rachelegs: do you even know wha that means?
StMaryan: or is it beggar
rachelegs: beggar
StMaryan: what does it mean?
rachelegs: dork is part of a whale penis
StMaryan: ya
StMaryan: so there
rachelegs: it doesn't sound as cool to capitalize YOU PART OF A WHALE PENIS
StMaryan: lol
StMaryan: no! It sounds cooler!

Cressida said...

you should hook people up. You seem to enjoy that! why not make money!

aoife said...

babe i am so sorry
is there anything i can do?
trying to get better at this blog thing
thinking of you

houseofpain said...

you should find a way to get paid to blog. you're insanely good at it. The FishBowl DC blogger guy gets paid to do his...

Cressida said...

Aoife, since you ask, yes, there is something you can do. You can send Caprice a check for about $150,000. That should cover it, right Caprice? And she wants some mini flakes from Dublin too. Since you're at it.

caprice said...

Don't forget the mini flakes. and i don't like the whit chocolate ones!!

caprice said...

white. white chocolate

Cressida said...

it is illegal to solicit your body though. So don't do that if you can help it.