02 August 2005

Harry Potter, AKA Ha-li Bo-te

Author JK Rowling's boy wizard Harry Potter is wildly popular in China, where he is known as "Ha-li Bo-te".
Is he really known as that or is BBC making fun of Chinese accents?

Unauthorised Chinese versions of the latest Harry Potter book have been sold in Beijing, three months before the official translation is published. Sold for 20 Yuan (£1.40), the unofficial Chinese version was said to omit paragraphs and contain errors.

Potter readers have posted their own international translations of the latest book onto fan websites, with thousands of German versions posted fewer than 48 hours after its English-language publication.
Wow, this is some serious dedication.

On China's Tsinghua university website, a fan writing under the name Woodchuckle was so upset by Rowling's ending that he wrote and posted his own.
Ok, things may be going overboard now.


Cressida said...

I want to barbeque Harry and serve him to the Evil Witch of the West.

Cressida said...

I mean Wicked Witch.

caprice said...

well i bet she has tasters so i hope you are prepared for that.