08 August 2005

Capital VS Capitol

rachelegs: why is the capitol in the capital?
StMaryan: like the capitol building?
rachelegs: yes
rachelegs: why is the capitol building
rachelegs: located in the capital
rachelegs: or capitol south
rachelegs: is in the nations capital
rachelegs: are we trying to confuse people?
rachelegs: what does that mean?
StMaryan: webster is a bastard
rachelegs: what the hell is the difference is the o or a
StMaryan: none

Function: adjectiveEtymology: Middle English, from Latin capitalis, from capit-, caput1 of a letter : of or conforming to the series A, B, C, etc. rather than a, b, c, etc.2 a : punishable by death b : involving execution c : most serious 3 a : chief in importance or influence b : being the seat of government 4 : of or relating to capital; especially : relating to or being assets that add to the long-term net worth of a corporation 5 : EXCELLENT

Function: nounEtymology: Latin Capitolium, temple of Jupiter at Rome on the Capitoline hill1 a : a building in which a state legislative body meets b : a group of buildings in which the functions of state government are carried out 2 capitalized : the building in which the U.S. Congress meets at Washington

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Cressida said...

okay now I feel bad for calling Webster a bastard....