09 November 2005

Bombings in Jordan

this makes me so angry that i wish i had the job of catching these guys.
it makes me shake with rage to know that someones relatives have been blown up at a FUCKING WEDDING. what kind of target is that? that is not about war, or even revenge. that is just random acts of violence and hatred. and it hurts my heart to know that our loved ones are never safe. how many more times will we have to frantically call our friends in indonesia or the mid east or new york, or london or here?!!!


aoife said...

what would you do with them if you caught them?
not tryin to spark an argument or anything. the light, if there was one, seems to be getting fainter and fainter.

caprice said...

i would put them in jail forever. and i would line the walls of the cells with pictures of the children that were killed. so that everyday they would have to see that their stupid plan didn't destroy america or the west or even the infidel. it killed the only people in this world who are innocents. and then they would have the rest of their lives to consider what god actually thinks about killing innocents out of hatred.

Cressida said...

the light is not getting fainter and fainter. if everyone in history thought that there would be no freaking light at ALL by now. And it's ignorance to think there is no light.

caprice said...

whao cressida!! are you calling aoife out here? ;)

there is light. but some days it is bright and other days it is dim. and days like yesterday it feels fainter. but maybe it is because our eyes were shut to block out the sadness.