16 November 2005

only in america

5) Do 47% of people think you can catch Bird Flu from eating chicken.

4) Can you buy a house with a wife included

3) Are disgruntled lovers using superglue on hair and well, anywhere

2) Can you buy these items

1) Among 18- to 24-year-olds given maps:
87 percent cannot find Iraq
83 percent cannot find Afghanistan
76 percent cannot find Saudi Arabia
70 percent cannot find New Jersey
49 percent cannot find New York
11 percent cannot find the United States

I love this country.


jkdbva said...

Oh. My. God.

Remember those things I would lay down on the railroad tracks for? Education is number one.

BTW, did you also see the guy running for Congress in TX who is auctioning off dates with himself to raise funds for his campaign?

TinaPoPo said...


Where on earth did you find that house with a bride thing?

Does the lady realize she's a house happy hooker? Because she is.

caprice said...

did you guys see her picture?!!
she is my mothers age!! thank god my mom has a house with a husband already in it!

I said...

So the fact that it's the bride's own idea makes it women's lib rather than crass and disgusting male exploitation, right? I'm a guy so sometimes the fine dividing line gets a little fuzzy for me.

caprice said...

no, i think we all agree that it is gross and not liberated no matter which way you look at it!

blogstalker said...

Some clarifications.

Most teenagers think that "eating chicken" is something sexual and, rather than admitting ignorance, will swear that your brains will leak out of your ears if you "do it". He, he, I said "do it".

On the house with a wife: I prefer the rent-to-own plan. In case I want to move (often), or the roof springs a leak (no doubt left behind by the previous renter, not me).

Who gives a crap where AfRaquistan is? Have you seen the drop in oil prices?

Mark said...

"Thank god my mom has a house with a husband already in it!" - did it come like that, or did she have to install the husband herself?

Btw, don't you mean "I love this country, wherever it is... "?

caprice said...

i mean i love america, the land of bad geographers, auctioned wives, superglue lovers, and all the other things that we are lucky enough to have here!!

caprice said...

she had to install herself. and believe me, it was no easy task!! but no it is in and she just has to tweak it every now and then but otherwise it works great!